Mathematics for Computing

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Course Materials:

  1. Set Theory [PDF]
  2. Sequences [PDF]
  3. Propositional Logic [PDF]
  4. First-order Logic [PDF]
  5. Relations [PDF]
  6. Functions [PDF]
  7. Vectors and Matrices [PDF]
  8. Derivatives and Integrals [PDF]

Recommended Reading:

  • Discrete Mathematics with Applications (Third edition), Susanna S. Epp, Brooks/Cole, 2004.
  • Discrete Mathematics (Third edition), Seymour Lipschuts and Marc Lipson, Schaum’s Outlines, 2007.
  • Differential and Integral Calculus (Third edition), Frank Ayeres and Elliott Mendelson, Schaum’s Outlines, 1990.
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