Grade Five Scholarship Exam – tears and success of special students

Thursday , 27 September 2012, News First Sri Lanka

Idioms like “No sacrifice – no victory” and “Fortune favours the brave” are thrown around quite casually.

But we came across a girl who despite losing both hands and a foot to a cruel twist of fate, provides deeper meaning to such idioms.

G.G. Rashmi Nimesha Gunawardena who was born  without both hands and a foot, uses her one remaining complete limb, to carry out all tasks.

Her missing limbs have not proved to be an obstacle to this bright and intelligent young girl.

There is a reason why Newsfirst was encouraged to take her story to the country.

Rashmi, who is naturally skilled in aesthetics, is blessed with parents who are both

She is a student at the Galoluwa Junior School in Dehiowita.

In spite of her so called “disability” Rashmi sat for the Year 5 Scholarship Examination this year.

Although, fourteen of her classmates sat for the examination, she was the only one who passed.

She scored a total of 153 marks at the examination.

The next academic challenge facing Rashmi, is the GCE Ordinary Level examination.

Earlier Newsfirst brought you the story of Anjali Upeksha Maduwanthi of the Thalathuoya Junior School, who came in first in the country in the Year 5 Scholarship Examination, in spite of the many hardships faced by her.

Already numerous people have come forward to provide her with the assistance she needs for future success.

Last evening, Anjali who visited the Newsfirst newsroom, was interviewed live on the 7
o’clock prime time news bulletin on our sister channel Sirasa TV.

Meanwhile, veteran actress Sabitha Perera who visited the Newsfirst Centre, presented Anjali Upeksha Maduwanthi with a computer.

The subject of that report, Udeshi Nethmini, is now reaping the bounty of success at the examination.

Udeshi Nethmini de Silva’s father, Chaminda Shriyalal De Silva, passed away on the day she sat for the Year 5 Scholarship Examination.

When the father had questioned Udeshi on how she fared at the examination, she had answered she had done very well, following which the father went into cardiac arrest.

Udeshi Nethmini de Silva passed her examination with flying colours, scoring 173 marks.

Although Udeshi Nethmini’s father had promised her a computer if she passed her examination, he was unable to keep this promise.

However, yesterday Newsfirst provided her with that computer, in order to ensure her future
academic success.


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