New Google Navigation Bar is Part One of Redesign

By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld    Nov 30, 2011 6:53 AM

If you were just getting used to the black Google services navigation bar, the search company is already getting rid of it. Google announcedthat it’s “ready for the next stage” of its redesign, part of which is a new service navigation system nested under the Google logo.

The new navigation system began rolling out to users on Tuesday and Google said on Google+ that it should reach most users by the end of this week. Google’s new navigation bar links to your services in a drop-down menu nested under the Google logo across several services, including Search, News, Gmail, Google+ and Maps. Read more of this post


Engineers pioneer use of 3D printer to create new bones

BBC Mobile

The team say doctors should be able to order
custom-built bone scaffolds within the next few years

A 3D printer is being used to create “bone-like” material which researchers claim can be used to repair injuries.

The engineers say the substance can be added to damaged natural bone where it acts as a scaffold for new cells to grow.

It ultimately dissolves with “no apparent ill-effects”, the team adds.

The researchers say doctors should be able to use the process to custom-order replacement bone tissue in a few years time.

Prof Susmita Bose helped carry out the work at Washington State University and co-authored a report in the Dental Materials journal.

“You can use the bone-like ceramic powder as a feed material and it can make whatever you draw on the computer,” she says. Read more of this post